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This poem deals with the Love of God, which is a very favorite topic of ‘Allamah Iqbal. The poem deals with the creation, composition and evolution of Love as well as its invigorating effects on the universe and ultimately on Man. However, the style is mystic and very metaphorical, exhibiting flights of poetic imagination. Some words and phrases cannot be translated into correct and succinct English and have been mentioned in original in the text and explained in the explanatory notes.


The locks of the bride of night’s hair were still unbent
The sky’s stars were unacquainted with the taste of running

The moon in its new attire was looking a little strange
Was not familiar with the established laws of revolution

The earth had just emanated from possibility’s dark recesses
Life’s taste was still concealed from the expanse of space

Perfection of the order of existence was just starting
The gem’s longing was apparent from the ring’s eye

It is said that there was an alchemist in the spiritual world
The dust of whose feet was clearer than the Jam’s wine cup

A recipe for an Iksir was written on the leg of ‘Arsh
Which was hidden jealously by angels from adam’s eye

But the alchemist’s attention was ever concentrated on it
He considered that recipe greater than Ism-i-A‘zam

He advanced to the ‘Arsh under pretense of doxology
Inner longing was at last achieved by constant effort

He was roaming in the world in search of components
Nothing could be concealed from the knower of God’s Audience

He procured brightness from the star, spot from the moon
He stole a little darkness from the night’s uncombed hair

He obtained restlessness from thunder, chastity from Hur
He took warmth from the breath of Masih son of Maryam

Then he took a little grandeur of Beniyazi from the Divinity
He took humility from the angel, humbleness from dew’s destiny

Then dissolved these components in Chashmah-i-Haivan’s water
The compound was given the name of "Love" by the Grand ‘Arsh

The alchemist sprinkled this water at the newly created existence
With skill’s help he opened the knot of the world’s secrets

Movement appeared, the elements gave up sleep
Getting up each started embracing its companion

The suns and the stars learnt elegant movements
Flower buds learnt blooming poppies got their spots

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