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A blaze is raging near His Throne




In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.


A blaze is raging near His Throne
By my strains that burn like flames
The cries of "Mercy !" rise aloft
From the Temple of His Names.

Houris and angels, all alike,
My soaring thought can keep in hold:
The moulds in which Thou dost reveal
Get ruffled by my glances bold.

In my search and quest for Thee
Cloisters and Kirks I did design,
But my groans and woeful wails
Can shake the founds of Fane  and Shrine.

There were times when my vision sharp
Pierced the heart and core of Life:
Time again, fell short of mark
By mine inner doubts and strife.

I was the only secret veil’d
In Nature’s Womb in Latent form:
When I was brought to light for show,
What wondrous act Thou didst perform!


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