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A Prayer


(Written in the Mosque of Cordova)


This is my prayer,
And this is my ablution:
I sing a hymn to God,
Suffused with my life-blood.

The souls of the pious who prayed
In these holy precints,
Are companions of my passion,
And friends of my ecstasy.

But the path of love
Is lonely, remote, unknown;
All I have with me,
Is my desire, my yearning.

It is Thou Who hast given my soul
The brightness of the final dawn;
It is Thou Who hast breathed
The fire of faith in my heart.

Thou hast made my life
An ever-burning flame;
It is Thee that I cherish;
It is Thee that I seek.

When Thou art not with me,
The world around me is dead;
And when Thou art,
Even ruins are filled with life.

Give me again that potent wine,
Full of celestial bliss-
The drink of life I crave for,
Renouncing earthly wine.

O Celestial Cup-bearer!
We await Thy Benediction-
Both those who are close to Thee,
And those who are not.

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